Today in history

Today in history

2 October 2021 (MIA)

2 October 2021 (MIA)

829 – Theophilos succeeds his father Michael II as Byzantine Emperor.

1187 – Siege of Jerusalem: Saladin captures Jerusalem after 88 years of Crusader rule.

1263 – The battle of Largs is fought between Norwegians and Scots.

1470 – A rebellion organised by Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick forces King Edward IV of England to flee to the Netherlands, restoring Henry VI to the throne.

1528 – William Tyndale, the renowned English Reformer and Bible translator published his famous work The Obedience of a Christian Man.

1535 – Jacques Cartier discovers the area where Montreal is now located.

1552 – Conquest of Kazan by Ivan the Terrible.

1780 – John André, British Army officer of the American Revolutionary War, is hanged as a spy by American forces.

1789 – George Washington sends proposed Constitutional amendments (The United States Bill of Rights) to the States for ratification.

1814 – Battle of Rancagua: Spanish Royalists troops under Mariano Osorio defeats rebel Chilean forces of Bernardo O’Higgins and José Miguel Carrera.

1835 – The Texas Revolution begins with the Battle of Gonzales: Mexican soldiers attempt to disarm the people of Gonzales, Texas, but encounter stiff resistance from a hastily assembled militia.

1864 – American Civil War: Battle of Saltville: Union forces attack Saltville, Virginia, but are defeated by Confederate troops.

1889 – In Colorado, Nicholas Creede strikes it rich in silver during the last great silver boom of the American Old West.

1919 – U.S. President Woodrow Wilson suffers a massive stroke, leaving him partially paralyzed.

1925 – John Logie Baird performs the first test of a working television system.

1928 – The “Prelature of the Holy Cross and the Work of God”, commonly known as Opus Dei, is founded by Josemaría Escrivá.

1937 – Dominican Republic strongman Rafael Trujillo orders the execution of the Haitian population living within the borderlands; approximately 20,000 are killed over the next five days.

1941 – World War II: In Operation Typhoon, Germany begins an all-out offensive against Moscow.

1942 – World War II: Ocean Liner RMS Queen Mary accidentally rams and sinks her own escort ship, HMS Curacoa, off the coast of Ireland, killing 239 crewmen aboard the Curacoa.

1944 – World War II: German troops end the Warsaw Uprising.

1950 – Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz is first published.

1958 – Guinea declares its independence from France.

1959 – The anthology series The Twilight Zone premieres on CBS television.

1967 – Thurgood Marshall is sworn in as the first African-American justice of United States Supreme Court.

1968 – A peaceful student demonstration in Mexico City culminates in the Tlatelolco massacre by the order of the president, Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, to the soldiers of killing unarmed students, hiding the event from the public eye. The 1968 Summer Olympics, hosted in Mexico City, started ten days after the massacre.

1970 – A plane carrying the Wichita State University football team, administrators, and supporters crashes in Colorado killing 31 people.

1980 – Michael Myers becomes the first member of either chamber of Congress to be expelled since the Civil War.

1990 – Xiamen Airlines Flight 8301 is hijacked and lands at Guangzhou, where it crashes into two other airliners on the ground, killing 128.

1992 – Protests in front of the Italian parliament known as Montecitorio in Rome were held in support of the recognition of the Republic of Macedonia.

1992 – The Carandiru massacre takes place after a riot in the Carandiru Penitentiary in São Paulo, Brazil.

1996 – The Electronic Freedom of Information Act Amendments are signed by U.S. President Bill Clinton.

1996 – Aeroperú Flight 603, a Boeing 757, crashes into the Pacific Ocean shortly after takeoff from Lima, Peru, killing 70.

2002 – The Beltway sniper attacks begin, extending over three weeks.

2005 – Ethan Allen boating accident: The Ethan Allen tour boat capsizes on Lake George in Upstate New York, killing twenty people.

2006 – Five Amish girls are murdered by Charles Carl Roberts in a shooting at an Amish school in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania before Roberts commits suicide.

2007 – President Roh Moo-hyun of South Korea walks across the Military Demarcation Line into North Korea on his way to the second Inter-Korean Summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-il.

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