Religious calendars

Religious calendars

Macedonian Orthodox Church Calendar. Our Holy Godbearing Father Athanasius of Mt. Athos

18 July 2021 (MIA)

Macedonian Orthodox Church Calendar

Our Holy Godbearing Father Athanasius of Mt. Athos

Saint Athanasius had Trebizond for his homeland. He first entered the monastic life on the mountain called Kymaeos or Kyminas, which is in Mysia of Bithynia, then he went to Mount Athos and founded a large monastery, which is known as the Great Lavra. He became so renowned for his virtue that from Rome, Calabria, Georgia, and elsewhere, rulers, men of wealth and nobility, abbots, and even bishops came to him and were subject to him. When the time for his departure was at hand, God revealed to him how it would take place, so that he was able to instruct his spiritual children not to be troubled when it should come to pass. A new church was being built for the sake of the many who came to him, and only the dome had not been finished. Together with six of the brethren, the Saint went to the top of the church to help the workmen. The dome collapsed, and they fell. Five were killed at once, and the Saint died three hours later. His holy body remained uncorrupt and he worked many miracles after his death. He reposed about the end of the tenth century.

Catholic Calendar

St. Bruno

Italian nobility. Studied theology at the Benedictine monastery of Saint Pepetuus at Asti, and at Bologna. Benedictine. Ordained in 1079, and assigned to a parish at Siena, Italy. Noted for defending orthodox Church wisdom, his knowledge of Scripture, and his teachings on the Blessed Sacrament. Counsellor to four popes. Ordained bishop of Segni, Italy in 1080 by Pope Gregory VII. Fought simony and lay investiture. In 1095 he retired to a monastic life at Monte Cassino. Elected abbot in 1107. Following a chastisement of the pope for shirking his duty to others, he was soon ordered back to his diocese, a vocation he fulfilled until his death. Vatican librarian. Cardinale legate, though he declined the cardinalate. He was born in 1049 at Solero, Piedmont, Italy and died in 1123 of natural causes. Pope Lucius III canonised him in 1183.

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