Public Information

1. Statute of the state owned joint-stock company AD “Media Information Agency”- MIA

2. Rulebook with organogram for internal organisation

3. Rulebook on systematisation of jobs

4. List of persons employed in the institution with a position, official e-mail and official phone number

5. Price lists (price list for distribution of news and information services)

6. Audit reports

7. List of public information and contact from a person in charge of public information

8. Rulebook on protected internal reporting

9. Contact from a person authorised for protected internal reporting

10. Name and surname of the personal data protection officer, position in the institution, official e-mail and official phone number

11. Accountability on official expenses of public office holders of AD MIA-Skopje

12. Collective Agreement of joint-stock company MIA-Skopje

13. Annual corruption prevention plan 2021

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