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15:00/August 20/2022

15:00/August 20/2022

Skopje – The municipalities of Mavrovo-Rostushe and Centar Zhupa on Saturday hold repeated mayoral elections after voter turnout was low at the 2021 elections, while Tetovo holds extraordinary elections for councilors after no agreement for majority was reached at the municipal council.

Skopje – Standard & Poor’s (S&P) Credit Rating Agency has confirmed North Macedonia’s credit rating at BB- with a stable outlook, which is due to the government’s proactive policy creation to alleviate the crisis arising from the Russia-Ukraine crisis, it was noted in the S&P report.

Bitola – Cinema is the voice of complex significance of reality because it speaks on behalf of both utopias and dystopias and art is an act of bravery because it aims at facing the reality rather than reproducing it, President Stevo Pendarovski said opening the Manaki Brothers International Cinematographers’ Film Festival in Bitola.

Budapest – Montenegro’s parliament on Friday toppled the government of Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic, worsening a political crisis in the NATO country.

Moscow – In Russian-controlled Crimea, annexed from Ukraine in 2014, an explosion was reported on Saturday morning, after debris from a shot-down drone hit the staff building of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, according to the authorities.

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