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15:00/May 21/2022

15:00/May 21/2022

Skopje – Additional EUR 76 million earmarked for measures to help protect the citizens’ standards and support businesses is provided under the budget’s revision as financing for protection or reserve to be included in a new set of measures if necessary. Also, additional EUR 52 million is provided to award subsidies to farmers, Finance Minister Fatmir Besimi revealed Saturday.

Skopje – Capital expenditures under the budget’s revision are planned at 32.2 billion denars, down nearly 6 billion compared to the 2022 plan. Speaking at Saturday’s news conference to present the budget rebalance, Finance Minister Fatmir Besimi said that capital investments in 2022 remain at historic high – 37.8% up compared to last year.

Skopje – A fire that broke out in a warehouse within a Skopje old factory has been fully extinguished preventing it from burning nearby facilities in the factory’s complex.

Berlin – Several people were injured across Germany after a powerful storm and tornadoes hit the country on Friday evening.

Bratislava – The Czech Republic was battered by violent storms on Friday night, including hail in some parts of the country, causing significant damage and traffic obstructions.

Seoul – The United States and South Korea want to “expand the scope and scale” of their joint military activities given the threat post by North Korea, the countries’ leaders said in a statement following talks in Seoul on Saturday.

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