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18:00/October 8/2021

18:00/October 8/2021

Skopje – A new group of Afghan citizens, recipients of scholarships from the Open Society Foundations or employees of international democratic missions in Kabul and their families, arrived at Skopje International Airport last night. The 149 people will be sheltered in North Macedonia until they travel to their final destination, according to a government press release.

Skopje – The enterprises in North Macedonia face the least bureaucratic burden among the countries where the Bureaucracy Index is calculated in terms of procedures and the number of hours that companies spent to comply with the domestic legislation. The index indicates that one enterprise in the country spends 146 hours to complete all necessary administrative procedures and requirements per year to be fully compliant with the domestic legislation, according to the findings presented Friday of Bureaucracy Index as part of the project “Towards reducing the bureaucratic burden” implemented by Macedonia 2025, INESS Institute and Friedrich Naumann Foundation.

Skopje – Seventy-six percent of people infected with covid-19 over the past two months — or 28,856 citizens — had not been vaccinated against the coronavirus, health authorities said. Also, 81 percent of people admitted to hospital because of covid-related complications were people who hadn’t been vaccinated, according to the Ministry of Health in its latest two-month report released Friday.

Skopje – North Macedonia registered Friday 386 new COVID-19 infections after 3,791 tests were carried out in the past 24 hours. Citing Public Health Institute’s report, the Health Ministry said there were eight fatalities in the same time period and 529 people who have recovered from the virus. Of the new cases, Skopje reported 205, said the press release.

Skopje – If we lose the nation, we don’t need European integration. If we lose the Macedonian state, there won’t be state entity to integrate into the EU. Thus, the EU will not have anything to admit and we’ll have nothing to celebrate. We have vision and capacity to respond to current challenges, Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MANU) President Ljupcho Kocarev said Friday. The country needs a new fundamental agreement on state interests, supported by relevant political stakeholders, both from the ruling majority and the opposition, Kocarev told an event marking the MANU’s 54th anniversary.

Sofia –  As the numbers of new covid-19 infections and deaths continued to rise quickly in some Balkan countries, a number of them resorted to more and more restrictive measures.

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