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18:00/September 23/2021

18:00/September 23/2021

Skopje – Prime Minister Zoran Zaev expects Bulgaria to continue to be North Macedonia’s friend and supporter in the European integration process in line with Article 2 of the Friendship Treaty.

Skopje – A third dose of the vaccine is recommended for people over the age of 60, all health workers regardless of their age, and all immunocompromised patients, also regardless of age, said Health Minister Venko Filipche on Thursday, presenting the latest recommendations by the Immunization Committee.

Skopje – The number of new covid-19 cases in North Macedonia has plateaued over the past few days, leveling off at around 500, which isn’t putting the health care system under pressure, according to Minister of Health Venko Filipche on Thursday. Despite waning interest in vaccination, he said 37 percent of the entire population had gotten vaccinated and he believed interest would rise back again soon.

Skopje – Sending his best wishes on International Day of Sign Languages, Sept. 23, using sign language, President Stevo Pendarovski urged authorities to provide better access to sign language services to every deaf and hard-of-hearing person in the country.

Skopje – Political parties signed Thursday a Code for Fair and Democratic Elections, committing to a democratic electoral process that observes the fundamental human rights and freedoms, towards transparent, inclusive and accountable elections.

Copenhagen – This year, the Nobel laureates will again receive their awards in their home countries instead of in Stockholm.

The European Commission wants to make USB-C the standard charging port for portable devices in the European Union, in an anti-waste initiative that could irk US tech giant Apple in particular.

The effects of climate change threaten to further escalate problems in regions that are already unstable or in conflict, warned UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Thursday.

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