Geer: EC expects opening of negotiations with N. Macedonia by year’s end

    VMRO-DPMNE leader Mickoski calls on opposition to unite to topple the government

    Memorandum signed by N. Macedonia, Albania and Bulgaria stipulates Corridor VIII should be ready by 2030

    Shilegov: Process of broadening support for my mayoral candidacy starts

    ODIHR: Local elections competitive with fundamental freedoms respected, legal shortcomings remain concern

    President Pendarovski meets with Commander of Hungarian Defence Forces

    Nikolovski: SDSM winning in first election round, in a lead in nearly 28 municipalities

    Nikolovski: SDSM headed for victory according to preliminary trends

    Osmani: Local elections successful, DUI winning in 3 municipalities in first round

    SEC President: Voting to continue after 7 pm if necessary, voter turnout 31.8% until 3 pm


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