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Bulgaria Parliament rubberstamps unsuccessful completion of TISP’s cabinet-forming mandate

Sofia, 12 August 2021 (BTA/MIA) – Bulgaria’s National Assembly on Thursday voted, 106-60 with one abstention, to pass a resolution accepting the withdrawal for personal reasons of Plamen Nikolov’s candidacy for prime minister and declaring the unsuccessful completion of the cabinet-forming mandate of There Is Such a People (TISP).

The TISP Parliamentary Group stood out of the vote.

Earlier, the TISP MPs, including National Assembly Iva Miteva, walked out of the debating chamber in disagreement with a resolution of the legislature to hold a debate and take a vote on Nikolov’s decision.

“We are leaving a debate that will serve for election campaign speeches. To us, there is no debate, the case is closed,” TISP Deputy Floor Leader Ivaylo Vulchev said.

Earlier, reading a declaration on behalf of his parliamentary group, Vulchev insisted that everyone stop blaming TISP because they are not a problem but a solution to the problem, which would become clear in the next elections.

“Why are you scrutinizing TISP when you now control three quarters of Parliament, you are all together, your past proves it,” said Vulchev. I doubt you have forgotten that the BSP [Bulgarian Socialist Party] governed together with the MRF [Movement for Rights and Freedoms], Maya Manolova was from BSP and together with MRF, Tatyana Doncheva was from BSP, Hristo Ivanov was Boyko Borissov’s minister and called him boss’, the MRF’s support for GERB was a public secret, they voted so many laws together that they were practically a coalition. These are all facts,” the TISP Deputy Floor Leader said.

Later, asked by journalists whether they were ready to negotiate, as there are already ideas and proposals, Vulchev said it was too early to talk about negotiations on a third cabinet-forming mandate.

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