Afghan women’s rights protest turns violent in Kabul

Clashes broke out during a demonstration for women's rights in the Afghan capital on Saturday.

Islamabad, 4 September 2021 (dpa/MIA) – Clashes broke out during a demonstration for women’s rights in the Afghan capital on Saturday.

Videos from local TV stations showed chaotic scenes at the rally in Kabul.

At least one person was injured, according to journalists who shared footage of a woman with blood running from her head.

Afghan women have held protests for the past two days in Taliban-controlled Kabul, advocating for women’s rights and demanding equality, justice and democracy.

On Saturday, the activists staged a protest close to the Afghan presidential palace and held banners reading “we are not women of the 90s.”

Footage shared on social media showed over a dozen Afghan women being confronted by armed Taliban security forces, prompting heated exchanges. Women could been seen coughing, indicating tear gas had been fired. Other women claimed to have been beaten.

“It seems civilian and political protests are not allowed anymore,” Afghan journalist Zaki Daryabi wrote on Twitter as he shared video of the scene.

The militant group claims that they will respect women’s rights according to their interpretation of Islamic teachings.

A senior Taliban leader, Shir Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai, told the BBC on Tuesday that he did not think women would be appointed to senior posts in their government; however, he claimed they would have a role.

When the Taliban last ruled in the 1990s, the women had to fully cover from head to toe and were not allowed to walk outside without being escorted by a family member. In addition, women were not allowed to attend school or work in society.

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