17 January, 2022 15:34

    We’ll discuss the future, projects to improve living standards in our countries, says Kovachevski ahead of Petkov visit

    17 January, 2022 11:32

    Instead of declarations and political speeches, now is time to roll up our sleeves and do the job together, Petkov tells MIA

    16 January, 2022 13:18

    Petkov for MIA: I do not come with any annex to the Friendship Treaty, but with readiness for a new beginning

    14 January, 2022 16:18

    Marichikj: Bulgarian PM’s visit an excellent chance for fresh dynamic in negotiating process

    14 January, 2022 14:14

    MKD2030: Reducing air pollution, integrated waste management system key for environmental protection

    12 January, 2022 13:45

    N. Macedonia, United States have made history, conclude Shekerinska and Byrnes

    11 January, 2022 13:21

    ZELS calls for urgent meeting with gov’t in wake of energy crisis

    11 January, 2022 12:32

    North Macedonia, Albania committed to further developing bilateral ties, conclude Pendarovski and Meta

    3 January, 2022 12:32

    Public Prosecutor’s Office doesn’t back down to political pressure, Joveski tells MIA

    25 December, 2021 09:45

    Economy could have produced much more in 2021 if not for global crises, Bytyqi tells MIA

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